Sectors and Markets

Targeted strategies to compete in different sectors

The comparison with different European and world realities is a great incentive for our company, at the base of which are always the principles of constant improvement , the continuous diversification and the continuous development of new markets and product types.

Today Metecnal is a valid and reliable provider for several well-known companies at national and international level, operating in a wide range of sectors still in continuous development:

  • Oil & gas
  • Special vehicles
  • Earth moving machines
  • Chemist
  • Energy/Wind
  • Metals/Metal
  • Agricultural
  • Transportation
  • Pharmaceutical/Medical
  • Valves/pneumatic/hydraulic
  • Automotive
  • Machinery
How can we help you?

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Thanks to our experience in the international market we have succeed to consolidate and expand our exports in whole Europe, USA and some Asian markets, making us an ideal and extremely reliable partner, accurate and on time in identifing the specific solution for any requirements.

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