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What information we collect when you use the site and which do not: Google Analytics and traffic data analysis

As a little ‘all those who have a site and use it to sell or promote something we care about who visits the site, what it looks and where it comes from. This thing in technical terms is called “traffic data analysis” and to do so we use Google Analytics – here the information on privacy and protection of personal data.

What information we collect

Google Analytics has a lot of features also very advanced and that allow you to know many things about who visits a site. We use it only to know the essential things: who visits the site – language, location, device, browser and operating system – what it looks at – the classic traffic data: page views, average time, ranking of the most visited pages etc. – and where it comes from – the so-called referrals: if you arrive from Facebook, from Google, from the newsletter and so on.

All the information that Google Analytics collects is sent to us anonymously. This means that we do not know what your name is, where you live, what your email address is, what pages you’ve seen, how much you’ve been on the site and where you’ve come from, but only that a lot of people have arrived on the site, there were tot time, they saw certain pages and so on.

Which do not

Instead we do not use Google Analytics to collect information to be used for advertising, so in our Google Analytics account all the features used to advertise on the internet are disabled. Another thing we do not use is a feature called User ID, which basically allows you to track who uses the bench site when you switch devices: first computer, then phone, then tablet and so on.

Where is this information

The information that Google Analytics collects is on Google Analytics and nowhere else. This means that Google retains the information and we do not make copies stored elsewhere, either on our computers or printed on our desks. When we want to look at the traffic data, we go to Google Analytics and look at it from there.

Who has access to this information

At this moment, the people who have access to our Google Analytics account are our company and those who manage the computer part of our site and our servers. Nobody else has access to this account and the information it contains and we do not share this information in any way with anyone else or with different services.

How to block Google Analytics

If you do not want Google Analytics to tell us these things about you, you can use this extension provided by Google: it’s for all the main browsers. If you want you can also look at the information that Google makes available on privacy and data protection of Google Analytics.

This privacy policy is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution – Share Alike 4.0 International license. It means that you can use it in whole or in part – even on commercial sites like this – if you allow you to share it in the same way.