The Hanover Fair is an industrial fair of global importance. It takes place in spring in the German city of Hanover, in the appropriate exhibition space of the city.
It is the largest fair for investors in the world. CeBIT, the world’s most important information technology fair, is also held annually at the Hannover exhibition space.
In 2017 the visitor record was reached: 225,000 (compared to 217,000 in 2015). 75,000 of them were foreigners. The most represented nationalities among these were:

  • China, with 9,000 visitors
  • Netherlands, with 6,200 visitors
  • India, with 5,300 visitors
  • Poland, a partner country, with 5,000 visitors (new record for this country)

The Hannover fair consists of a fair of several specialized international fairs, which reflect the entire chain of industrial production. Individual specialized fairs are represented at the biannual exhibition in Hanover. The themes that make up the core of the fair are:

  • Industrial automation and IT techniques
  • Energy and environmental technologies
  • Supplies for the industry
  • Production and service technologies
  • Research and development

Every year the fair has a different partner-country:

2010 Italy
2011 France
2012 People’s Republic of China
2013 Russia
2014 Netherlands
2015 India
2016 USA
2017 Poland
2018 Mexico